Line chart with Smooth Lines

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Created 05/07/2019
Updated 16/07/2019
Language english, russian
Category Line Charts
Tags: line chart, smooth lines, 1901 series

The line chart everyone has been waiting for is available for purchase!

It allows you not only to display the time axis with the possibility of Drill Drown, but also to display any other categorical axis without horizontal scrolling.

Among the options you can display markers, display a legend, flexibly adjust the colors of the curves, hide or display the X / Y axis, grid lines.

Fully complies with the design of its series - rounded and right angles are available, as well as shadows: on hover / constantly / without shadow.

Available to display custom text title with alignment. On hover over a data point, tool-tips are displayed.

Features Overview:

  • Line chart with smooth lines
  • Correct interpolation- markers correspond to real data points
  • Display/hide markers
  • Display/hide X / Y axes
  • Display/hide markers
  • Display/hide grid lines
  • Display/hide Legend (with and without markers)
  • Tooltips when hover on data point
  • Title from custom text, pre-from the names of measures
  • Title alignment and font size are available
  • Drill down for categorical values
  • No horizontal scrolling when displaying categorical values
  • Excellent performance
  • High quality design - pixel perfect
  • Rounded / Right Angles
  • Shadows on hover / Shadows always / Without shadow



        - fixed incorrect handling of null values in date columns


        Initial release

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